I want to start this off by saying that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having hair down there. Health experts always mention the benefits of keeping your private parts bushy, particularly how it prevents the transmission of bacteria and lessens friction during sexual intercourse. However, there’s also plenty of merit to cutting your pubic hair to a much shorter length and it all has to do with personal hygiene—such as preventing body odors from all the sweat that can accumulate, lowering the risk of pubic lice, and making you feel much cleaner—as well as your self-confidence especially when getting intimate with your partner.

In my case, I’ve never subjected my private parts to a clean shave or a Brazilian wax. I’ve always been too scared of cutting myself accidentally or experiencing bumps and irritation. All I’ve ever done was take a pair of scissors and manually trim my hair the moment it gets agonizingly shaggy. It’s only very recently that I discovered that girls have found another alternative that reportedly gives no irritation whatsoever and gives quick results, and it is (drumroll please) a ball trimmer.


Yup, you read that correctly. Who says that only men can use an electric groin trimmer? Apparently, it’s just the perfect tool for women to get practically seamless hair removal all around the bikini area. Naturally, I had to put that to the test with grooming brand Meridian‘s best-selling The Trimmer.

Meridian’s The Trimmer was designed to be a men’s “below-the-belt” grooming device but has quickly become a well-loved item by women because of how gentle and easy it is to use. The Trimmer is also waterproof, is rechargeable, has a battery life of 90 minutes with 6,000 strokes per minute, and comes with the following accessories: two adjustable guide combs, a cleaning brush, and a USB charger. Aesthetically, it has a rather sleek and ergonomic design and I’m fond of the colors that it comes in. My boyfriend and I got our Trimmers in Onyx (black) and Ocean (Blue), but it’s available in a beautiful Sage (green) color as well.


The Trimmer comes with two guide combs that you can attach to the body when you want to trim your pubes to your preferred length. One guide comb leaves about a length of 3 mm of hair while the other leaves a length of 6 mm. As it was my first time and was hesitant to use the shaver directly on the skin, I attached the smaller comb first and started trimming my bikini area. I immediately realized that I wanted my hair to be much shorter than what the guide comb was allowing, so I took it out and carefully started trimming with the “head” gliding directly across my skin.

Much to my delight, The Trimmer was so comfortable to use. It didn’t cut or tug on my skin at all. And it works well no matter if you’re using it on wet or dry skin. I used mine after I had dried myself off completely after bathing while my boyfriend used his directly in the shower. Both of us agreed that it was painless and fuss-free, and got nearly all the hair that it possibly could. It was so quick to get a hang of too that I didn’t think twice about putting it near the labia for that “more intimate” trim. (Note: for your safety, remember to use a mirror!)

Cleaning it is just as easy; all it needed was a wipe-down with a clean towel plus a few sweeps of the blades (which are rust-resistant, by the way!) with the tiny brush included in the kit.

Of course, using a trimmer won’t give the cleanest shave compared to using a razor but it’s an acceptable sacrifice to make for the sake of overall comfort. I personally believe that The Trimmer is the best and safest option for grooming your private parts. No need to be afraid of razor burns from frequent shaving; no need to spend money on monthly trips to the waxing salon, either! With how fast my body hair grows, I find it convenient to have this tool well within my reach at home with no added costs—save for the blade replacement every 3 to 4 months.

Our final verdict? Meridian’s The Trimmer is a must-have for your and your partner’s vanity kits! It’s perfect for men and women who don’t necessarily want smooth and bald nether regions but want to keep their hair growth under control.

If you want your own The Trimmer by Meridian, it is priced at Php3,820 but if you purchase it anytime before October 15, 2022, you can get it on sale at Php2,869! You can also avail of FREE SHIPPING within Metro Manila when you check out through the Origami website here. You can also find them on Shopee Mall and Lazada.

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