Turning Rejection into Success: Internship Stories of Resilience and Growth

My journey started with a setback when I was rejected by my dream university. Instead of giving up, I saw it as an opportunity to explore new possibilities. I earned a full scholarship at National University-Manila and maintained it throughout my academic journey.

I had a clear goal in mind before starting my internship journey: to excel in my chosen field and gain real-world experience. After a few weeks of job hunting and two interviews with no results, I found an opportunity at AMI Group, which responded promptly and offered me a position on the same day.

My internship at Origami Retail Philippines was transformative. It taught me resilience, the importance of setting goals, and the value of seeking opportunities even after rejection. I worked with inspiring mentors who pushed me to be my best.

The journey didn't end with my internship. I secured a job at Origami even before graduating as Magna Cum Laude. I encourage you to embrace redirection in the face of rejection, set clear goals, and never stop striving for excellence. Your journey may start with a setback, but with determination and hard work, it can lead to remarkable success.

Ginete, Girlie Vega